Robots take over at WIT with Robo Wars workshops and demonstrations

RoboWars 2018

RoboWars 2018

Local transition year students get to try out technology as part of a three-week Robo Wars workshop taking place in WIT’s Applied Robotics Lab

Secondary school students from Waterford city got a glimpse of the future this month thanks to a collaboration between the Applied Robotics Lab, the STEM outreach hub CALMAST and CBS Mount Sion.

Recently third year BEng Electronics and second year BSc Internet of Things students demonstrated their final projects to transition year students from CBS Mount Sion.

“The demonstration included manual drive, autonomous operation, vision systems, real time sound mapping and of course battles,” explains lecturer in robotics Jason Berry.

“The CBS TY students will be using this technology during a three-week Robo Wars workshop that they will attend in WIT during May.”

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