Shining the spotlight on sports scholarship student Craig Guiry

Craig Guiry, sports scholarship recipient playing Gaelic football with the WIT team

Craig Guiry, sports scholarship recipient playing Gaelic football with the WIT team

Guiry speaks about his hopes for the future, how he juggles his responsibilities and his most memorable experiences on the football pitch

Bachelor of Business in Recreation and Sports Management student at Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT), Craig Guiry, was one of sixty WIT students to receive a sports scholarship for 2015/2016. Craig was awarded with the scholarship for his involvement in Gaelic football.

The WIT sports scholarship programme focuses on developing young athletes throughout a wide range of sports. Students who receive the sports scholarship award receive financial assistance as well as athletic support services.

Craig, from Ballymacarbry, county Waterford says he has been playing Gaelic football since the age of 5 or 6. When asked what his favourite memory from his sporting career was to date, Craig said it had to be, “winning a county with my club in 2014,” as well as describing it as the most intense atmosphere he has played in.

Having tasted success in 2014, Craig aims to do the same again this year and says his personal aim is to win the county final with his club, Nire/Fourmilewater, although his ultimate achievement would be to win a Munster with his club The preparation behind his success is training almost every night, listening to certain music as well as keeping hydrated before matches.  

Although it is Gaelic football that Craig excels at, he also enjoys playing hurling, soccer and “the odd bit of golf.”

When asked how he juggles work, college and sport, Craig admitted to putting college work first, “I don’t work, so I concentrate on getting my college work done before anything else.” For those who want to improve in their chosen sport, Craig offers the sound advice to, “just keep going and work hard.”

Ensuring he is fit is important to Craig, and believes running is the key to his success, “I do train nearly every night of the week, but I need to get my fitness up.” Down time for Craig consists of playing the games console with friends, “and beating Jamie Barron in a good game of Fifa.”

Nerves normally don’t play a part for Craig before a match, but depending on the game, he might chose to listen to music to soothe the tension.

When asked where he sees himself in three years’ time, Craig hopes to be playing Gaelic, “still playing football but I am getting old now.”

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About WIT’s Sports Scholarships

Every academic year, WIT provides up to 60 Sports Scholarship Awards distributed between four awarding categories which reflect the sporting level a student is competing at within their sporting discipline: Gold Scholarships are given to those students who are excelling in their sport and competing at the highest level in their sport. Silver Scholarships are usually awarded to those students already in the college. Bronze Scholarships are open to all sports and are generally given to prospective and new students on entry to WIT. Sports Recognition Scholarships are one of most recent scholarships which were established to recognise outstanding WIT student athletes who have shown huge commitment to sport in WIT and who have also played a leading part in the development of Clubs and Societies life here in the college. 

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