Sibeal’s Erasmus dream in the south of France leads to a masters

Sibeal Power - Bachelor of Arts (Honours) International

Sibeal Power - Bachelor of Arts (Honours) International

Sibeal was lucky enough to do an Erasmus in the south of France and is now doing a masters in French having completed the BA (Hons) International

Waterford local Sibeal Power chose WIT so she could commute from home and the course description really appealed to her. “I’m from Waterford so I could stay local and I really liked the course description. I knew it was going to be something that suited me and that I would really enjoy it, so it was kind of a no brainer at the end of the day.”

Sibeal got the chance to fly to the south of France to the University of Montpellier III which is specifically aimed at arts and humanities students.


For many students, the Erasmus programme is their first time living and studying in another country. Erasmus gives students the opportunity to study for a period of 3-12 months at a university or higher education establishment in another participating country.

WIT have inter-institutional agreements with over 100 higher education institutes within the EU and over 25 internationally. Students participating in an exchange programme not only gain invaluable academic and/or work training experience, but can also experience life in another country, develop language and intercultural skills, travel and broaden their horizons.


During her time in France she did all her classes through French and had the opportunity to take on French literature and history classes that she didn’t get a chance to take part in when in Ireland.

When Sibeal wasn’t studying, she had the opportunity to experience the French culture and lifestyle. “I just spent my time experiencing the culture, what it was like to live in France, how French people live and things like that.” 

University vs Institute

After arriving at the University, it was clear that there were some differences between WIT and Montpellier III. The main thing that stood out for Sibeal was size of the classes and campus. “It was good to go to a college that was a lot bigger because it was a university just to see what it was like to experience the bigger class rooms and classes.”

Having had the opportunity to experience the larger university and smaller institute environment, Sibeal compared to the two. “I think it’s definitely better to have smaller classes because it was way more interactive. You can actually talk to your lecturers, they know what you think of things, if you are struggling in any kind of way they can help you and you get to give your opinion in class. When I was in France you’re in a class with 100 or 200 people you’re just a nameless, faceless person in a sea of people. I definitely prefer the smaller classes in WIT to the bigger classes in a big university.”

Advice for students

Sibeal advises students to consider doing an Erasmus “If I was to give any advice I would say to definitely go on Erasmus because it’s just such a fantastic opportunity that you don’t really get unless you’re in college.” 

After having such a great experience in France, she intends to go back after her masters or go to the United Arab Emirates to teach English.

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