Six reasons tech workers are going to Tech Summit 2018


If you’re in the process of setting up a business, or just thinking about it – Tech Summit 2018 is a must.

We’re building on the enormous success of last year’s summit which had 70 companies on display and 1,500+ people in attend. If you wern’t one of the lucky ones there last year, you might be wondering what it’s all about?! Here’s our list of reasons why you’d go to Tech Summit 2018…

1. It’s free

Yes you read right, this event is free, all you have to do is register here. You might be wondering why it’s free? Crystal Valley Tech is an industry led group, our mission is to influence the development of the national and regional investment in infrastructure, education, training and economic support. This event is a showcase of all of the great companies in the South East. We also want to tell you all about the fantastic opportnuities and quality of life the region has to offer.

2. Find out about the 220+ job openings in the region

That’s right, tech companies in the South East are growing fast. There are currently over 220 positions available across the 100+ companies attending Tech Summit 2018. These companies range start-ups to global tech giants in size. Furthermore, these industries are in diverse areas such as datamining, art and animation and connected health. If you are considering a move to the South East, talk to the ICT companies and see what their hiring plans are, see what Technologies are being used.

3. Find out what the south east has to offer

There are many reasons why people have moved from Dublin and other cities to the South East. You can have great pay in challenging roles with great opportunities for progressing your career without high rents, commute times, expensive parking and the stress that goes with it. We will have a relocation booth, with representatives from the Bank, Housing, Renting, Job Agency and Corporate Relocation, come talk to us.

4. Setting up a business

If you’re in the process of setting up a business, or just thinking about it Tech Summit 2018 is a must. You can talk to experienced Company Founders who will be there. Additionally, you can meet the support agencies like IDA, EI, Chamber of Commerce, Local Enterprise Office and Venture Capital Company.

5. Hear from industry experts

We will have presentations from leading professionals in the areas of datamining, artificial intelligence, machine learning, connected health, cyber security, disruptive tech, art, animation and many more. You can also talk to experts from the 100+ companies who will have stands there on the day.

6. Upskilling & continious professional development

If you’re interested in gaining degree, masters or even PhD programmes Tech Summit has you covered. We will have booths with information on upskilling and continious professional development opportunities in WIT and through Springboard. You can also find out how your expierence can count towards formal qualification to get you into a higher diploma or masters programme.

Are you interested in tech summit 2018?

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