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Daniel Carroll, BSc (Hons) in Sports Coaching and Performance and Scholarship student

Daniel Carroll, BSc (Hons) in Sports Coaching and Performance and Scholarship student

“Being recognised for the sport you dedicate to is a good feeling.” Daniel tells how the Sports Scholarship helped him hugely on and off the field

Daniel Carroll, 2nd year BSc (Hons) in Sports Coaching and Performance student, was awarded a Sports Scholarship in WIT along with nearly 80 other students across a range of sports.

“Getting the scholarship means a lot as it gives you access to more sporting facilities such as the gym and workshops to further help with my sporting progress for the near future. Being recognized for the sport you play and dedicate to is a good feeling.”

Daniel plays a wide range of sports and keeps himself active. “I play hurling and football with Glynn Barntown in Wexford, I have represented Wexford in football and in athletics. I used to do the long jump and triple jump with my old club DMP. I also play with Shamrock Rover's AFC soccer Wexford.”

Some of the main achievements over the past year have been enhanced by the Sports Scholarship award. “My main achievements in the past year was getting a soccer scholarship with WIT soccer,  playing with the Wexford soccer teams over the year and winning the senior premier league in Wexford with Shamrock Rovers

The sports scholarship programme at WIT focuses on the development of athletes and offers a number of supports including financial assistance, physiotherapy and grinds, to name just a few. 

The sports student looks to the future with optimism and says, “I hope to get my level 8 degree and go on to have a big career in the sporting scene on and off the field. I am also looking at maybe nutrition or sport psychology for a Masters programme following my undergraduate degree.

About WIT Sports Scholarships

The Sports Scholarship Programme at WIT offers an athlete led development programme aimed at supporting the overall development of high performance athletes in a wide range of sports. The programme gives talented athletes the opportunity to develop their sporting and academic career by offering a network of support services and expertise which is tailored around the specific needs of each individual athlete.

Every academic year, WIT provides up to 60 Sports Scholarship Awards distributed between four awarding categories which reflect the sporting level a student is competing at within their sporting discipline:

Gold Scholarships are given to those students who are excelling in their sport and competing at the highest level in their sport. 

Silver Scholarships are usually awarded to those students already in the college. Students receiving Silver Scholarships will have demonstrated their potential and commitment to their sport and WIT Club and will be competing at a high level.

Bronze Scholarships are open to all sports and are generally given to prospective and new students on entry to WIT. This Scholarship is also available to students who have completed first year in college and have demonstrated above average potential and commitment to a WIT sports club.

Emerging Talent Scholarships aim to support talented students who have shown potential in there sporting careers to date. The programme is a one year programme for first year students and it is aimed at helping the student progress in their academic studies and sport through the wide range of support services on the scholarship programme.

Sports Recognition Scholarships are one of most recent scholarships which was established to recognise outstanding WIT student athletes who have shown huge commitment to sport in WIT and who have also played a leading part in the development of Clubs and Societies life here in the college. 

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