Audrey’s course has allowed her to work in the financial field

Audrey Kelly, BA (Hons) in Finance & Investment (WD160)

Audrey Kelly, BA (Hons) in Finance & Investment (WD160)

Finance & Investment graduate says how useful the course has been in the real working world and gave her a solid background before starting her career

"There is an excellent response to our degree in the industry, as it is so specifically geared towards investments and that is where the bulk of the work is in Ireland in the finance sector.

The modules in the Finance & Investment degree have given me a solid background that is relevant to my current career.

Modules such as Capital Markets, Risk Management and IT are extremely useful in practice.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the modules in this Finance degree are highly regarded by employers."

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Finance and Investment 

The BA (Hons) in Finance & Investment is a three-year level 8 full time academic degree dedicated to the development of financial services professionals.

The first year of the programme provides a good grounding in business and financial practice.  

The second and third years are specialist years focusing on areas such as investment policy & analysis, financial management, taxation, fund accounting, financial derivatives and econometrics, amongst others. 

Course Code: WD160

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