From LLB Bachelor of Laws to a career in education or academia

WIT Law graduate and Trinity College Dublin Ph.D candidate, Breda Drea

WIT Law graduate and Trinity College Dublin Ph.D candidate, Breda Drea

Hoping to find a career in education or academia, Law graduate Breda Drea believes WIT played a major role in getting her to her current position

“I entered the LLB Bachelor of Laws in Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) as a mature student with a young family in my early thirties, graduating in 2012.  I thought my experience would be different to most people in my class, and in some obvious ways it was, but the core academics - being my sole focus - delivered not only the requisites, but far more than I expected from a college law degree.”

More than expected

“First, the pure law modules prepared students not only for immediate employment in law or business but for a variety of post-graduate options including professional examinations and masters’ degrees.  Second, the lecturers I encountered throughout the LLB contributed to my achievements in a way I had not anticipated as they offered guidance and support throughout my studies.  They were so willing to engage with, encourage and mentor the students that the experience differed from other third level Institutions where college life can be quite anonymous.” 

Campus community

“Finally, on the same thread, the presence of the Law Faculty on the College Street Campus contributed to a real sense of community within the Law School where, as an intimate venue, you had the opportunity to get to know people well.”

“Knowing I was by nature an academic and wanting to move to a career in education and academia, the LLB in WIT prepared me for access to the LLM programme in Trinity College where I obtained a first class honours result. I am now a PhD candidate researching in the field of Comparative Public International Law focussing on International Legal Systems and in particular Islamic Criminal Law and Human Rights.”

Study Law at WIT

The LLB Bachelor of Laws is a three-year level 8 course of study at WIT. It is designed to provide a broad education that equips students with general knowledge, general transferable skills, legal knowledge and legal skills, while studying modules such as Contract Law, Criminal Law and Constitutional Law.

Graduates of the LLB Bachelor of Laws may find work in areas such as; Solicitor, Barrister, Broadcasting or Insurance.

This course is accredited by the Board of the Honorable Society of King’s Inns and Black Hall Place.

Graduates can progress on to the Masters of Law (LLM) course at WIT.

Course Code: WD140

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