Work placement was an invaluable experience in Civil Engineering

Eoin Kelly, BEng in Civil Engineering & BEng (Hons) in Sustainable Civil Engineering (WD139)

Eoin Kelly, BEng in Civil Engineering & BEng (Hons) in Sustainable Civil Engineering (WD139)

Eoin Kelly graduate of BEng in Civil Engineering course, explains how studying at WIT was the right path for him

"My time at WIT was very enjoyable. I began studying Civil Engineering in 2009 and immediately knew it was the right path to take.

The course is quite involved with a broad range of subjects that allowed me to discover what best suited me.

All through my time in the college I was helped and encouraged by very friendly, knowledgeable staff who strive to bring out the best in every student. It was a big relief for me not to be immersed in a class of hundreds.

I found that WIT offered a more personal education where staff are always available and willing to help.

I considered that the Sustainable Civil Engineering add on degree to be very beneficial as it began to focus more on certain aspects of engineering and allowed me to focus on where I wanted my future career.

A 6 month work placement during this time was invaluable as it gave me first-hand experience applying what I had learned over the past 3 years. My placement was with BAM Civil in Dublin Port. I enjoyed every moment of it, when I returned for the final year of the course I was more determined and far more knowledgeable."

My time after WIT
"Upon finishing my studies at WIT, I immediately found work in London working as a setting out engineer. This is thoroughly enjoyed but I had always planned on moving into design.

The jump to this came sooner than expected, mainly due to the fact that London is booming and suffering from a sever lack of engineers.

In June 2014, I began working as a Structural Engineer for Walsh. This of course was a major difference to site work but one that I felt very capable of making. Structural analysis was something covered in depth whilst I was in WIT.

Since beginning with Walsh I have been involved with a number of projects, most notably Aldgate Place. This is a mixed use development in the heart of London.

The project consists of 6 buildings ranging in height from 11 to 26 stories. I am heavily involved with both the design and co-ordination of the project. I also make daily site visits to ensure that the design is being followed.

I have been given great opportunities since finishing my studies at WIT but it is entirely down to the education and support I received while studying that I have been able to take on the challenges the engineering world offer."

Study Bachelor of Engineering Civil Engineering at WIT

The BEng in Civil Engineering is a three-year degree course, which prepares graduates to find employment as civil engineering technicians in the civil engineering sector.

Civil Engineering specialises in the planning, design, construction and maintenance of major structures such as roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, airports, harbours, power stations and large structures of every kind from skyscrapers to offshore oilrigs.

Students enrolled in this course can expect to study modules such as; Civil & Structural Graphics, Statics & Dynamics and Structural & Mechanics.

Course Code: WD139

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