Mairead’s course had the perfect mix of both Business and Sport

Offaly Footballer, Peer to Peer mentor and Sports Scholarship recipient, Mairead Daly

Offaly Footballer, Peer to Peer mentor and Sports Scholarship recipient, Mairead Daly

Mairead Daly tells us her experience in WIT, being an Offaly Footballer, a Peer to Peer mentor and Sports Scholarship recipient

"I chose to come to Waterford and study Bachelor of Business in Recreation and Sports Management because I researched the course online and it seemed like the perfect course. It offered me both business and sport in the one degree. I also knew a lot of people in Waterford already through my football contacts and heard how well established and fantastic the Department of Health Sport and Exercise Science department was. 

Throughout my time at WIT, I was a Silver sports scholarship recipient and I was awarded Offaly’s Ladies Footballer of the Decade by Offaly's Sports Partnership.

I lived in Waterford throughout my time in WIT and I enjoy every minute of it. 

The Recreation and Sports Management degree was a great mix of both business and sport. The lecturers were great and would help with anything that they could. I have such a strong interest in sport that I loved every part of the course. 

Outside of classes, I participated in the Peer to Peer programme which meant I was matched as a mentors to first year students to make an easy transition from second level. I also was lucky to receive a Sports Scholarship for 2 of my years at WIT. 

The Wit Scholarship Programme has benefited me enormously. It ensured that I could excel as a student academically and in my given sport. All the resources you need are there and the scholarship programme never hesitates to help you in any way. I would highly recommend it to any student coming to WIT."

Study the Bachelor of Business Recreation & Sport Management at WIT

The Bachelor of Business in Recreation and Sport Management is a three year, level-7 degree course which provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to work in the wider Sport, leisure and business industry.

The Bachelor of Business in Recreation and Sport Management offers a number of unique features, which include; the Bachelor of Business degree which the student will graduate with. A 14-week placement which the student will complete in year two of the course, as well as practical features. Each student also has the opportunity to choose an elective, which means the student may specialize in a certain area.

Students who enrol in this course can expect to study modules such as; Sport Pedagogy, Human Resource Management and Exercise Physiology.

If certain criteria is met, students have the option to complete an add on year to the Recreation & Sport Management which will give the student a level-8 degree.

Course Code: WD019  Course Code: WD051 (Add On)

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