Natasha rediscovers her passion for theatre and English at WIT

Natasha Everitt, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (WD200)

Natasha Everitt, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (WD200)

Natasha Everitt, Bachelor of Arts graduate tells us how she majored in Theatre studies and English was her minor subject

“Initially I was stuck between what I wanted my major and minor to be. I chose English as my major at the start and theatre as my minor.”

Studying English at WIT

The English course at WIT is comparable to English degrees across Irish universities and colleges. It involves an introduction to the major writers, particularly Irish writers, and to major themes and concerns in literature across the ages. The course is also different in many respects from courses offered elsewhere. Students can study creative writing, for instance, in second year. At the core of the Arts degree are generic modules that encourage the development of students’ writing, presentation and thinking skills, as well as—in the later years—research skills. The flexibility and creativity graduates who have undertaken this sort of training display is highly valuable to employers. 

Choose a major and minor

Shortly after choosing her major and minor, Natasha decided theatre was the avenue for her.

“When I discovered the theatre option as part of the Arts degree, I changed my major subject to theatre and minor to English.”

Practical elements

The practical elements of the course allows exploration of different performance styles and theories according to Natasha, with each lecturer and student bringing a different quality to the table.

“Undertaking the Bachelor of Arts degree has been such a fulfilling experience for me. It’s allowed me to explore educational avenues I would not have previously discovered, and it’s introduced me the importance of having a supportive and genuinely caring group of lecturers who sincerely want you to succeed and push yourself.”

Broad module range

The varying modules were what really caught Natasha’s eye when it came to choosing a course, “When I started my degree I was welcomed into a nurturing environment where my modules included an eclectic mix of subjects.  Having the option of studying a major and a minor allows for a broad range of insightful information and by amalgamating subjects together, a point of view can be discovered not previously thought of.”

Many avenues

“Theatre studies doesn’t just give you a college education or a degree, it opens up avenues in the theatre and performance world that can lead you wherever you want to take them. Thanks to the WIT Theatre Studies team, I have had the opportunity to work with Amanda Coogan, to build an actor’s portfolio, to have post show discussions with renowned actors and writers, I’ve seen shows at an diverse mix of theatres in Ireland and most importantly I’ve found my place in the world and have constantly been encouraged to push myself and explore the world of theatre.”

In Waterford I've worked and acted with the likes of 'Loose Screw Theatre Company', 'Jim Nolan', 'Theatre Royal', and I've created my own independent shows also."

Study Arts at WIT

The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) is a three-year level 8 degree at WIT. Students of the course will study subjects such as English Literature, Sociology, Irish and other Modern European Languages, Religious Studies, Psychology and others. The student will develop an expertise in two subjects as well as develop a questioning and creative approach to the modern world. 

The BA (Hons) International is a four-year version of the BA (Hons) course. Admission takes place in second year and students spend their third year studying at an approved partner university or third level institution abroad, before returning to complete their final year at WIT.

Course Code: WD200

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