CEO of Paralympics Ireland, Liam Harbison talks about studying at WIT

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Liam Harbison, Graduate of Recreation & Sport Management (WD019)

Liam Harbison, Graduate of Recreation & Sport Management (WD019)

Liam Harbison, CEO of Paralympics Ireland tells us how studying at WIT has helped him in his career

“While my primary interest in college was the sporting elements of the course, the business elements ensured I had requisite skills to support the business component of running a major sporting organisation.

While my sporting and coaching knowledge were essential in my previous role as Performance Director, it is the business elements that I’m particularly reliant on in my current CEO role.

I felt RECMAN was a nice balance of two interests of PE and accountancy. The course offered me a wide spectrum of modules that would keep my interest and career choices open.

Be patient finding your chosen career path, work hard, develop a strong work ethic (it will be recognised) - look to supplement your skills with voluntary work because you never know what doors will open for you.

One of my favourite quotes - "Winners don't necessarily have the best of everything, they mke the best of everything they have.” 

Liam is currently the CEO of Paralympics Ireland and led the 2012 Irish team in London as Chef de Mission. 

Study the Bachelor of Business Recreation & Sport management at WIT

The Bachelor of Business in Recreation and Sport Management is a three year, level-7 degree course which provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to work in the wider Sport, leisure and business industry.

The Bachelor of Business in Recreation and Sport Management offers a number of unique features, which include; the Bachelor of Business degree which the student will graduate with. A 14-week placement which the student will complete in year two of the course, as well as practical features. Each student also has the opportunity to choose an elective, which means the student may specialize in a certain area.

Students who enrol in this course can expect to study modules such as; Sport Pedagogy, Human Resource Management and Exercise Physiology.

If certain criteria is met, students have the option to complete an add on year to the Recreation & Sport Management which will give the student a level-8 degree.

Course Code: WD019  

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