Sue tells us how WIT has opened up a world of possibilities for her

Pictured is Sue Goona (centre) with Head of Careers at WIT, Angela Collins and WIT Chaplain Fr David Keating receiving her Fr John Moore Community Award

Pictured is Sue Goona (centre) with Head of Careers at WIT, Angela Collins and WIT Chaplain Fr David Keating receiving her Fr John Moore Community Award

Sue Goona, BA (Hons) in Social Science graduate tells us about her favourite subjects she enjoyed throughout the course

"I started at WIT in 2013 on the then brand new Social Science Honours degree programme. Full of nerves and questions around what on Gods earth was I, a 43-year-old women doing there.

During my 3 years at WIT I found myself, in no small part due to the staff and their support.  It was after many years not really knowing who I was or what I could contribute to the world, WIT helped me find that.

WIT also helped to add to my grey hair as some parts of student life where frustrating beyond belief but as time progressed I learnt that WIT really did have my best interests at heart.

In those 3 years I made lifelong friends, some of them my age, some young enough to be my kids.

The staff are mind shapers, approachable, generous, hardworking and student focused whilst retaining a sense of humour and a realistic human persona."

The course.

“I chose the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Social Science as it offered a wide range of contemporary modules and provided a multidisciplinary base to work from. Whilst being interested in the provision of education and criminal reform I wanted to take a more strategic view rather than head into social care work.

If you have an interest in what is going on in Ireland and further afield this is for you If you want to understand how the government reached it place and position within the national culture, this is for you. If you’d like to make a difference in your professional career in the future, this is for you.  The lecturers where outstanding, professional but approachable and if you put in the work this was rewarded.

I loved Social Policy and Sociology. Our social policy lecturer was the same for the three years and this was great and really help develop our academic skills.

Sociology was great and covered many aspects and modules, it formed the basis of my dissertation."

Where I am now.

"WIT has opened up a world of possibilities, I got a first class degree and I’m now in Malta at the University of Malta studying for a research Masters in Gender Studies, now whilst it’s a fabulous university I miss the friendly almost family atmosphere of WIT

I would recommend WIT to anyone, I’d even let me kids study there, that’s how much I love the place

I’d go back to WIT in a heartbeat as I know that I will succeed with WIT behind me."

Study Social Science at WIT

The BA (Hons) Social Science is a level-8, three-year course. his course draws on core Social Science disciplines such as; Social Policy, Sociology, Psychology, Economics and Politics, with an emphasis on Social Research and Social Studies in Context.

Students are offered an opportunity to take elective modules while studying the BA in social science and can choose from modules such as; Probation & Youth Work, Psychology & Crime or Human Resource Management.

Students who have completed all or part of a third level qualification, may be eligible for entry into years other than year 1 of this course. To find out more, visit

Course Code: WD187

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