Tanya talks about her time studying Architectural Technology

Tanya Doyle, BSc in Architectural Technology (WD094)

Tanya Doyle, BSc in Architectural Technology (WD094)

Tanya Doyle, BSc in Architectural Technology graduate, explains how the skills gained in the course are adaptable to all areas in the sector

"The years spent in Waterford Institute of Technology studying the Architectural Technology course were tough, challenging and very rewarding.  The course is project based and consists of late nights working on designs, drawings and details.

The support received from fellow students and lecturers is where the foundation of many friendships arose.  Working in close contact on a daily basis provided a bond that remains with many fellow students I met in WIT. 

Group projects and class trips assisted further in providing a real life experience of what to expect in the sector once college was completed.  Team work as well as your own initiative is a fundamental trait of any Architectural student, the real world involves a lot of working in a team consisting of Architects to Contractors.

Each class on the course is tailored to develop an understanding of your role and the role of others in the construction industry. The support received from lecturers was always well received and their patience and assistance was great to have on board.

Waterford Institute of Technology has continually developed in areas for students providing a relaxed atmosphere where students can work hard and kick back and relax also. The student social centre on campus was an area where students would congregate during the day and night for some craic agus ceol.

The knowledge and experience achieved during college has helped in obtaining employment in a sector that has struggled immensely over the last few years.

I am currently working in a small company assisting in the design and manufacturing of Shower Doors.

The skills gained from the course are adaptable to areas where design and creativity is essential, which allowed me to slot into another sector. This proves that the students of this course are taught a set of skills that are flexible and recognised to many employers.

I would recommend this course to any student wishing to experience and develop a creative platform in a sector that allows individuality and flair in shaping the world you live in.

The Architectural Technology course in WIT is an established and respected course, held in high regard throughout the country, and you can continue onto the honours degree course as I also did."  

Study the Bachelor of Science in Architectural Technology at WIT

The Bachelor of Science in Architectural Technology at WIT is a three-year, level-seven programme enables students to become architectural technologists with additional advanced skills in preparing detailed drawings and specifications for building projects. 

Students will become competent in preparing construction drawings and specifications for complex building types. There is also an emphasis on environmental studies ensuring awareness of energy saving measures in detailing and construction. 

Student enrolling in this course can expect to study modules such as; Framed Construction Projects, Architectural Communication, Management & Law

Course Code: WD094

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