Students get perspective on future of engineering industry


A trip to Volkswagen Wolfsburg and BMW Motorrad Berlin gave BEng & BSc (Hons) in Manufacturing Engineering students further insight into their studies

BEng & BSc (Hons) in Manufacturing Engineering students enjoyed a college trip to Berlin, Germany, organised by course leader Ms. Mary Doyle-Kent and sponsored by Eamonn Boland (Hertz), Engineers Ireland South East Committee and Department of Engineering Technology W.I.T.

BEng in Manufacturing Engineering students Nigel Curran and Daniel Hutchinson report what the experience was like.

“While visiting Berlin, we took part in factory visits in companies such as Volkswagen Wolfsburg and BMW Motorrad Berlin.

“In Volkswagen, we were shown an introductory video to the history and evolution of Volkswagen and their products. This was then followed by a full factory tour on their unique electric Volkswagen train showing us various areas. We got to see areas such as Manufacturing, Production/Assembly and Final testing stages for the Golf, Golf SV, Touran and Tiguan. The factory had 70,000+ employees, and a new car produced every 18 seconds.

“In BMW Motorrad Berlin, We were greeted by an Engineer who showed us a presentation about the factory and statistics. We were each given a headset for the walking tour. He brought us through the very start of production, right through to the final assembly and testing of the BMW motorbikes. Thankfully we got to a rolling road test which tests every aspect of the bikes features and capabilities. They have approximately 1900 employees in the Berlin Manufacturing Plant.

“We found the trip to be very interesting as it gave us a further insight to what we study in our course. It also gave us more of a perspective to what the engineering industry is like now and for the future. I would recommend anyone studying engineering in W.I.T to take part in college trips. Anyone interested in having a future career in engineering would enjoy this course as it gives the students great hands on experience.”


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