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“Parents want the best for you so don’t choose a course to keep them happy, because you might not like it.”

“Parents want the best for you so don’t choose a course to keep them happy, because you might not like it.”

Learning to drive and buying a car has been a key element in Ken's daily 40-minute each way daily journey between Kilkenny and WIT to return to study

Ken Clancy who has just completed Year 1 of Information Technology at Waterford Institute of Technology explains why he chose to study close to home. “I chose Information Technology as it is the fast growing area of employment and I have always had a very keen interest in technology, to say I am a tech head would be a correct description, but I required more knowledge so I picked Information Technology as it had such a varied amount of course content.”

“I chose WIT for many reasons the first been it close location to my home in Kilkenny, 40 minutes from my house to the college. I also picked it because of its great facilities and the friendly, helpful student support that I received at the mature student open days, where every question I had regarding returning to education and student life was answered in full.”

Prior to embarking on his Information Technology studies, Ken worked for 26 years in retail at every level starting as a sales assistant working his way through all the levels up as far as System & Resource Duty Manager (HR Manager) for a store with 105 colleagues working in it.

“Last year I was given the opportunity to take redundancy and I jump at the chance as it let me do something I had thought about for a long time, I could now go back to third level education.”

Ken explains the benefits of living at in Kilkenny and commuting daily to Waterford.

“I have learned how to drive in the last year and this has been a key element in getting me to college each day. It is a cost that I had accounted for when I was considering where to go to college, but with the motor way and a small 1.3l diesel engine I have managed to clock up 40,000 km in the year. This is travel up and down which usually cost about €50 a week and the ability to travel around Ireland as my term time is so well planned and it gives me a great time for study and for leisure activities. Term time is well balanced and so family time with my daughter and college work very seldom clash. It is great to come home to my daughter every evening.”

Ken’s advice for CAO applicants who are considering their options is think seriously about what your course choice is, don’t rush it and base it on what you are interested in.

“Parents want the best for you so don’t choose a course to keep them happy, because you might not like it.”

He advises applicants take time to read up on the course, find out what subject are involved, is there different subject options, what are the career prospects?

“Do your homework before making any decision, talk to your teachers, talk to the college, speak to a student attending the college and especially one doing the course you are interested in. Talk to someone who works in the area you will end up working in. All these information sources will better prepare you for making a decision. If you choose a course and within the first week or two find you have made the wrong decision, don’t give up talk to the student services, they are there to help and will do everything in their power to guide you in taken the next step.”

“The right decision for me was finding a course I was interested in and would like to study, and finding a course I could get a job from, as I had a 3-year financial plan to cover my course expenditure and I must be able to get a job at the end,” he concludes.

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