Sustainable Energy graduate uses skills to obtain specialist job

Adrian Porter, graduate of Sustainable Energy Engineering

Adrian Porter, graduate of Sustainable Energy Engineering

Sustainable Energy Engineering is the perfect route into obtaining a job in the built environment

When and where was your first job after graduating?
METEC Engineering which I began straight after college where I still currently work in IES modeling

What do you hope to hope to achieve in the future?
I hope to advance in the BIM modeling/consultancy section, specializing using IES, Revit and AutoCAD.

How has your studies at WIT helped you to get where you are today?
Throughout my studies in WIT, I have obtained the necessary skills to progress my career in the built environment. Sustainable Energy Engineering has provided me with the specialized knowledge so I can progress my career into the area of building modelling/ building services and low energy building design which I am very interested in. This course is the perfect route in obtaining a job in the built environment specializing in building services, low energy building design and renewable energy technologies.

Did your work placement / internship or contact with the Careers Centre help get you to where you are now?
My six month work placement was extremely helpful in obtaining a full time job straight after college. The careers office are also a key contact as it provides student with up to date job opportunities which is ideal for the students within WIT.

Why did you choose your course/ to study at WIT/ study in Waterford?
I always had it in mind to study in WIT as the remainder of my family studied within this college and they all did extremely well after their studies there. With regards Sustainable Energy Engineering and picking this course, my two strong subjects in secondary school was Engineering and Construction Studies, and I decided that Sustainable energy Engineering was the perfect next step. As a result of completing the college course, I am delighted with my decision as it advanced my skills and knowledge in this sector which I really enjoy. I highly recommend this course to students considering it.

What advice would you give to students considering your course?
If your interested in Engineering and the construction sector, I would really advise it. This course has the perfect mix of class room studies and lab work which keeps the course interesting. The small class numbers is also an advantage as the lecturer has adequate time to help student with any problems they may be having. I was unsure which course to pick when filling out the CAO, however I am glad i have decided to complete this course as i have made some great friends over the four years as well as obtaining a college degree which has proven itself, therefore providing many job opportunities straight after college.

What advice would you give to those unsure of college or of what course to pick
It is a very hard decision when deciding what college to go for or what course to do. However, i could not recommend WIT enough. I absolutely loved my studies in WIT. The lecturers and very friendly and helpful. The Students Union in WIT is also excellent and are very helpful if any students are having problems in WIT. This college has a very open, friendly atmosphere to it which gives the learning experience a positive experience during the four years at WIT.

Did your course include work placement? What was it like and how has it been of benefit?
I completed a six month work placement in Winthrop Engineering Ltd. It has been very beneficial as it has helped me obtaining a job straight after college very easy. The six months on site experience has been very helpful as I also learnt a great deal over the six months allowing me to increase my knowledge and skills further.

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