Time running out to lobby for change in the arts


WIT School of Humanities lecturer highlights looming deadline for people in the arts to contribute ideas for Arts Council’s 10-year strategy

The Arts Council public consultation on its 2015-2025 strategy document entitled Making Great Art Work comes to an end this Friday 27th November.

Dr Úna Kealy, a lecturer in English & Theatre Studies at WIT has called for people in the Arts to make a comment on the strategy document.

Dr Kealy points out that nowhere in the strategy document is gender mentioned explicitly. “This must be a concern for those of us who can no longer accept the implicit imposition of the “filters and factors” of decision making on women artists of all disciplines,” she says.

“This strategy consultation process offers one immediate opportunity to lobby for the changes in thinking, strategizing, planning and programming that the ‪#‎WakingTheFeminists debate has proven is in demand by so many,” says Dr Kealy.

Both English and Theatre Studies are available as a major and a minor on WIT’s three-year Bachelor of Arts (Honours). Prior to the #WakingtheFeminists campaign, a WIT researcher had already been funded by the Government to examine the work of women playwrights whose work was staged by the Abbey and Peacock Theatres during the last century.

Performing the Region: Performing Women is a funded research project which will be undertaken by Dayna Killian under the co-supervision of Dr Úna Kealy, Dr Richard Hayes and Dr Jacinta Byrne-Doran within the School of Humanities.

“You may have been involved in one of the public consultation meetings with regard to the strategy. If so you may have already offered your contribution on the strategy but you may have had more thoughts. If so, now – or at least before Friday 27 November at 5pm – is a good time to articulate them.”

Dr Kealy outlines the process as follows: “Making a comment on the strategy document is relatively quick and easy to do. The online consultation process directs you to an online survey site where you are asked to complete your contact details, indicate your connection with the arts and any funding relationship you may have with the Arts Council. You are asked what you find encouraging and motivating about the strategy, what positive differences the strategy might offer, what aspects will be challenging to achieve and what needs to change so that these challenges can be met. You are asked to identify your top five priorities in the first three years and justify your selection. Finally you are asked for any other comments (most of these boxes limit the word count to 200 which is good to know in advance). Link to the online survey is here: [url=http://www.surveygizmo.eu/s3/90005209/49b467af067]http://www.surveygizmo.eu/s3/90005209/49b467af067[/url]

“Please encourage your friends, family and colleagues to have their say,” she continues. “If you wish to email any of the Arts Council Strategic Development team you will find their email addresses here. [url=http://www.artscouncil.ie/Arts-in-Ir…/Strategic-development/]http://www.artscouncil.ie/Arts-in-Ir…/Strategic-development/[/url]

Making Great Art Work is available here: [url=http://www.artscouncil.ie/uploade…/Making_Great_Art_Work.pdf]http://www.artscouncil.ie/uploade…/Making_Great_Art_Work.pdf[/url]

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