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WIT Theatre Studies Student Natasha Everitt

WIT Theatre Studies Student Natasha Everitt

Having been bitten by the acting bug at an early age, Natasha Everitt knew that an Arts degree from Waterford Institute of Technology would open many a stage door for her career.

Whilst Natasha’s passion is theatre, a WIT BA degree offers a broad and varied range of subjects. The School of Humanities incorporates and promotes a wide range of academic disciplines, including, Art, Design, Photography, Music, History, Heritage Studies, Tourism, Hospitality Studies, Culinary Arts, Law, Social Studies, Communications, Film and Media Studies, Languages, Cultural Studies, Creative Writing, Philosophy, Theology.

According to Dr. Richard Hayes, Head of School of Humanities, the course is unique as it is the only one of its kind to offer strong connections between subjects.  “Students, of many diverse disciplines, are given the chance to come together to address interesting problems from multiple perspectives.  There are also many study abroad opportunities within the programme and a number of our students have gone abroad during their degrees to Europe and North America.”

Having just completed her first year at WIT, Natasha is already looking forward to her second year of study.

“Undertaking the Bachelor of Arts degree has been such a fulfilling experience for me. It’s allowed me to explore educational avenues I would not have previously discovered, and it’s introduced me the importance of having a supportive and genuinely caring group of lecturers who sincerely want you to succeed and push yourself.”

“When I started my degree I was welcomed into a nurturing environment where my modules included an eclectic mix of subjects.  Having the option of studying a major and a minor allows for a broad range of insightful information and by amalgamating subjects together, a point of view can be discovered not previously thought of.”

Speaking of Theatre Studies as a major, Natasha says it has given her the confidence to be the type of performer she always wanted to be and she has already participated in a production of Jim Nolan’s “Blackwater Angel” at Garter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford’s creative hub of theatre, dance, comedy, music, film, literature and visual art.

Natasha added, “Theatre studies doesn’t just give you a college education or a degree, it opens up avenues in the theatre and performance world that can lead you wherever you want to take them. Thanks to the WIT Theatre Studies team, I have had the opportunity to work with Amanda Coogan, to build an actor’s portfolio, to have post show discussions with renowned actors and writers, I’ve seen shows at an diverse mix of theatres in Ireland and most importantly I’ve found my place in the world and have constantly been encouraged to push myself and explore the world of theatre.”

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