US researcher at WIT to study Waterford Greenway visitors

Pictured from left are Pat Lynch, RIKON, and Lisa Groshong

Pictured from left are Pat Lynch, RIKON, and Lisa Groshong

Lisa Groshong, a PhD Candidate from the University of Missouri is a visiting Scholar at WIT and studies what draws visitors to natural areas

During her time in Ireland, Lisa Groshong is conducting case studies and a survey investigation of the motivations, economics and demographics of active tourists visiting the new Waterford Greenway.

Lisa is a doctoral candidate from the University of Missouri, US. For June and July 2016, she is working with WIT and the RIKON research group as a visiting scholar funded by a grant through the International Comparative Rural Policy Studies Consortium. 

Lisa’s background is in human dimensions of natural resources, rural tourism and rural development. Her doctoral research project, funded by the National Science Foundation, uses survey and photo elicitation techniques to study visitor perceptions of climate change impacts in Missouri state parks. Her previous research has investigated challenges and motivations of agritourists visiting Georgia (EU) and physical activity among urban park users in Kansas City, Missouri.

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