Video: 7 Hours of Debate in 10 minutes - The Great Agri-Food Debate


WIT were this year's proud winners of the All Ireland Great Agri-Food Debate. Students from across the country came together in the WIT Arena to explore climate change and consumers' shifting diets, as well as other issues and trends that are prominent in the industry.

The Great Agri-Food Debate is a joint initiative between McDonalds and Dawn Meats with the intention of encouraging students to become aware of, involved in and inspired by the topical issues facing the food and farming industries. Students from seven different college were given the opportunity to come and argue for or against several different motions, including several very relevant issues such as 'Plastic packaging is a scourge of the food supply chain' and 'The world can't both feed 10 billion people and prevent catastrophic climate change'.

All the institutes involved were very impressive and showed high levels of intelligence and professionalism. In the video we get an outline of the competition over the course of the day, what the different motions were for each round, and what colleges proceeded on through the different round and on to the finals. WIT were ultimately awarded the winning prize, which is a great accomplishment for both the students involved and the insititute as a whole.

Congratulations again to Michael Doughan, Shane Geraghty, Emma McCormack, Danielle Mulligan, Michael Martin, Alan McCarthy, students from the Department of Science's Agriculture and Agricultural Science programmes, who did an outstanding job representing WIT.

Video: 7 hours of Debate in an Hour


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