Video: The “Real” side of a career turfgrass


US-based WIT Horticulture graduate and turfgrass researcher rolls out the green carpet for Real Madrid and PSG at Ohio State University stadium

WIT Horticulture (Teagasc Kildalton College) graduate Siobhan Cusack had a very interesting week recently preparing a stadium at Ohio State University (OSU) for a Real Madrid game.

OSU university stadium were hosting a game between Real Madrid C.F. and PSG - Paris Saint-Germain.

Siobhan who is now a turfgrass researcher at The Ohio State University is just one of many WIT students who started their turfgrass career as an undergraduate student intern on work experience during second year at Ohio State University. 

The preparatons for the game involved covering the synthetic turf field with natural turf. Over the course of two days, the new turf was laid and then the team nursed it for 3 days - mowing ,watering, and marking out the soccer pitch.The game was played on Wednesday night and then the turf crew had to remove the turf the following morning. The video below details the process. Great work Siobhan and the team.


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