Visting Prof. William Forbes welcomed by AIB Centre For Finance & Business Research


AIB Centre For Finance and Business Research are proud to welcome Visting Professor William Forbes, Univ of Loughborough

Details of his presentations are as follows:

Monday 23rd January 2012
Venue:   Auditorium
9.15am to 11.15am:   'Behavioural Finance: Origins and Evolution'. 
3-5pm:     'Expected Utility and Learning'.

Tuesday 24th January 2012
Venue:   Auditorium
9.15am to 11.15am:   'Accounting Valuation Models in Action'

Target audience for ALL sessions:  
- Staff
- 3rd & 4th year business undergraduates
- Business taught postgraduates

Professor Forbes has written extensively on a number of finance topics including a very popular book on Behavioural Finance.

The study of Behavioural finance is relatively new and examines how individuals’ attitudes and behaviour affect their financial decisions and financial markets. 

‘Behavioural Finance’ builds on existing knowledge and skills that students have already gained on an introductory finance or corporate finance course.  The primary focus of the book is on how behavioural approaches extend what students already know. At each stage the theory is developed by application to the FTSE 100 companies and their valuation and strategy.  This approach helps the reader understand how behavioural models can be applied to everyday problems faced by practitioners at both a market and individual company level. The book develops simple formal expositions of existing attempts to model the impact of behavioural bias on investor/managers’ decisions.  Where possible this is done grounding the discussion in practical, numerical, examples from the financial press and business life.

For further details contact: Dr Sheila O Donohoe ([email protected])

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