Visual art student Paola shares a foreigner’s dialogue with the city

Paola Livas

Paola Livas

Drawing from observation and contrast the Mexican artist currently studying at WIT, Paola Livas, maps out her course through her time in Ireland.

Visiting student, a Mexican artis Paola Livas had an exhibition 'A foreigner’s dialogue with the city' while she was in Ireland - an attempt to understand and interact with Waterford as an unfamiliar environment. 

Course title

BA in Visual Art

When did you start and when will you finish your studies at WIT?

September 2016 - December 2016

Type of international student

Exchange by agreement

Projects you are working on / events you are involved in

A foreigner’s dialogue with the city

My project consist on the way I am forming my understanding of this temporary host city, this scenario of a place that has been here for a long time and will still be after I leave, but that will define somethings within myself. My insertion here, the differences I notice, the experiences and encounters that somehow feel like offerings from the city to this curious foreigner inevitably bring up matters of identity, context, people’s perceptions and their relationship with their surroundings.

My main instruments for this are observation, interpretation and contrast. I use journal writing, found objects, maps, photographs, some compositions with collage and video. I perceive it as a dialogue since I also want to work on my own actions towards the city and their effects, like an interaction. The result is the putting together of all of these elements into one sample of my course through Waterford as a Mexican visual arts student.

Academic background

I study at Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon in the Facultad de Artes Visuales in Monterrey, Mexico. Upon my return I will finish my degree there.

Why WIT?

I wanted to go somewhere I could improve my English skills and I wanted to make sure it was in Europe. A lot of the main stages of classical and contemporary art are in this continent so that's what I wanted to be close to. The course seemed interesting as it would let me focus on developing a project and professionalising my practice.


Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. It is on of the biggest cities in Mexico, very urbanised and industrial. Population of over 1 million people, it is located in the northeast of the country and the weather is abrupt but overall warm. It is a pretty accelerated lifestyle, not always very safe and somehow hostile at times.

Advice for future international students

There's a lot to observe about the city and its people, there are plenty interesting things to see on their ways of doing stuff. It is very calm and community is surprisingly close.

Future plans

In here I've learn about discipline and constant effort when it comes to being an independent artist. They've also given me a lot of opportunities to grow and extend my boundaries. I feel more confident with my artistic production now and that is what I want to keep doing when I get back to Mexico.

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