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As part of their studies in the Department of Applied Arts, four Waterford Institute of Technology Law students will gain a practical insight into the area of Land Law related employment. 

The students, Alison O Connor (Waterford), Rebecca Tennyson (Waterford), Marta Swic (New Ross) and Adrian Barry (Waterford) will, this summer, take up work placements at the Property Registration Authority in Waterford.

The Property Registration Authority deals with thousands of queries each month regarding the registry of deeds, land registry, ground rents and mapping guidelines.  According to Carmel Brennan, WIT Lecturer in Land Law, these placements are a fantastic opportunity for the students to apply what they have learned in the lecture hall to a real life working environment.

“To go from a centre of academic learning to a busy hub of application will be a steep but invaluable learning curve for the students. We are fortunate to have copper-fastened such a positive working relationship with the PRAI and we are grateful that they are giving WIT law students on-the-ground insights to the application of land law.  

We, at WIT, are confident, that although the placements are only for a few weeks, the expanse of knowledge and day to day dealings with the general public, will only serve to enhance their course work.”

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