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Filling out the CAO? Become the CEO of your own life by choosing from a range of courses at Waterford Institute of Technology’s School of Business

Did you know that business runs the world? At the School of Business we have developed a range of courses across levels 6, 7 and 8 that will help school leavers find their place on the career ladder.

Whether you want a high-flying career as a business executive, to bring an international corporation to world domination, take over the family business, be the brains behind the next exciting startup, or you want a reliable job with a local employer or a multinational, a WIT School of Business qualification will help you on the right track.

Are you an ideas person? Dream of making a career out of social media? Have a creative side you’d like to make money from? Then the four-year level 8 BA (Hons) in Marketing & Digital Media is the ideal outlet for your talents, to give you skills that are in demand across small, local companies right through to multinationals based in Ireland.

Do you enjoy the buzz of retail? Do you see yourself giving orders on the shop floor or being the genius that helps drive sales in a large store or specialist retail unit? Perhaps you love fashion and dream of being an international buyer? Then the three-year, level 7 BSc in Retail Management may be just what you need to give you a fulfilling career.

Do you have a head for numbers? Like the idea of being a part of Ireland’s thriving financial services industry? The three-year, level 8 BA (Hons) in Finance and Investment is a good personal investment in your future in financial services.

Are you a general all-rounder and not entirely sure where you want to go with your future? Or perhaps you already realise the value of a business degree to getting on in life. Find your place on the career ladder with the many popular graduate programmes with large organisations you are eligible to apply for as a business graduate. We have three courses that will help you find your place in the world of business the four-year level 8 Bachelor of Business (Hons), three-year level 7 Bachelor of Business and two-year level 6 Higher Certificate in Business.

While the level 6 and 7 programmes are wide in breadth, the level 8 allows you to zoom in and specialise on an area you feel you’d really like to get into. While you can make your choice on the CAO form you have up to the end of second year to finalise which area you want to really specialise in from Economics & Finance, Management, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource Management. Add to your employability by studying a language – Irish, German, French or Chinese.

Have you itchy feet and keen to live and work abroad, or perhaps you’re just interested in a role that requires travel to far flung shores every few months? The four-year level 8 BA (Hons) International Business will teach you all you need to know to live and work in an international and multicultural environment at home or abroad.

Fancy a career as an accountant – with a local practice, an accountant with a private company or in the public service? Or how about a high flying career with one of the global accountancy firms? If your heart is set on accountancy our three-year level 8 BA (Hons) in Accounting should be your number one choice.

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