10 tips for people leaving CAO change of mind to the last minute

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There's no crystal ball to tell you what to put on your CAO list but there's ways to easily figure it out for yourself.

There's no crystal ball to tell you what to put on your CAO list but there's ways to easily figure it out for yourself.

Have you made up your mind months back about your CAO choices? Or are you leaving it till the day of the deadline to make your changes? Here’s some tips to get you through it

1. The deadline is 5.15pm on Monday, 1 July. If you're on your holidays abroad remember the time difference. Don’t leave it till the last minute or even final hours because all sorts of unexpected things can happen. Check out our website for details of times we are available over the weekend if you have questions. www.wit.ie.

2. Listen to your gut. Choose what is right for you. That could be studying close to home, studying somewhere your friends are not going, or not going with the course everyone else in your family has studied since time began.

3. Don’t change your mind based on how you think you may have done in the Leaving Cert. Read our piece on fear of failure and the CAO.

4. Unsure? Give yourself options. Look at common entry courses. Look at having one option top of your Level 8 lists and another top of your level 7/6 list (there is likely an option to get a Level 8 on a progression route).

5. Afraid of commitment? A level 6 or 7 means you have 2 or 3 years to commit to, not 4. Make sure you use your Level 7/6 list fully.

6. Talk to someone, anyone, ideally our Ask WIT team. We are here by phone, online chat, WhatsApp and drop-in (Friday, Saturday, and Monday). Details on www.wit.ie.

7. Check the minimum entry requirements on the courses you’re applying to. Go to the course page on the college website.

8. Drop in to the campus. See if someone will take you on a short campus tour. Check out Waterford. Can't make it? Here's 10 good reasons to love Waterford.

9. Go back over our How to research your CAO options booklet for our worksheets on money and figuring out what you like. www.wit.ie/how

10. It will work out. Don’t be afraid. This is a nerve wracking time, but you will meet fabulous new people, see new places, and learn new skills and knowledge you can bring with you through life. Read our hundreds of student stories to see what our students and graduates have said. www.wit.ie/studentstories

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