9 reasons living at home for college isn’t the worst thing in the world

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Living at home for college

Living at home for college

Do you have a fear of missing out that you’re not moving away for college? Think again, being a stay-at-home student has many benefits

1. Money, money, money

You are saving your parents and yourself a lot of money. You may not realise it but living in college accommodation accrues a lot of costs. This doesn’t mean living at home will be free but it is nothing compared to the cost of rent, meals, utilities and other bills.

2. Contribution to the household

Some sort of contribution may be expected of you, either financially, physically or both. Remember, you are living in a house of adults as an adult. This may mean it’s time to help out in certain areas. Your parents may expect you to put your hand in your own pocket and give money towards rent and/or bills. And no doubt you’ll have to do your fair share of housework.

3. Part-time job = independence

A part time job is not just for students who are living away from home. Students living at and away from home have the same needs. You need your own cash and independence, so working a few hours at the weekend can only work in your favour if you’re careful with your time management.

4. Expectations

Although you and your parents may be under the impression everything will stay the same, that may not be the case. Be sure to have a chat with your parents to establish some ground rules and expectations that both of you can agree to. Consider things like: overall college experience, independence, privacy and curfew. Each family will differ and you may have many other situations to discuss.

5. Involvement in campus life

Although you may not live ‘on-campus’ that does not mean that you cannot get involved in all other aspects of student life. Don’t let yourself be deprived of college life because you live at home. Try to get involved in events and groups as much as possible, join a club or society to get the real feel of the college experience.  

6. A full fridge

Living at home also usually means that you have access to a well-stocked fridge. Have a look in your friend’s fridge who is living on campus and you will realise just how lucky you are.

7. Family support

Parents and family members are generally supportive of your academic efforts. At some point in your college years, you may experience a lot of pressure. They will provide you emotional support and serve as a source of encouragement.

8. Study

It is a lot easier to study at home than it is in student accommodation because there are a lot less distractions. Living in student accommodation is often filled with noise, shared spaces and many distractions.

9. Family relationships

You don’t have to wait until the weekend to spend time with your family. Living at home as an adult can allow you to work on relationships with family, i.e. nieces and nephews, parents and siblings etc

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