Employers invited to give advice to graduates of 2020 via Instagram

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In what is a strange time for students finishing college, employers will be able to give invaluable tips and tricks picked up along the way

Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) Careers Centre is giving employers the chance to both market their companies and help final year students through an upcoming virtual careers fair.

Instagram is the platform of choice for the WIT Careers Centre Virtual Careers and Employability Fair between 18 and 22 May when students finish their summer assessments.

Employer advice

Business owners and HR staff across a range of companies from start-ups and SMEs to indigenous and multinational companies are invited to take part.

Angela Collins, Head of Careers at WIT says the most basic option is for participants to provide answers to four questions which will help graduates.

“This is a strange time for everyone especially those just graduating so to give them help with your own knowledge or tips and tricks you picked up along the way is invaluable.”

Employers can submit written answers a video of them answering these questions instead.

Invaluable service to students

“It is a fantastic opportunity to market your company/opportunities you may have and to share some employability hints and tips with our students. You will also be providing an invaluable service to our students and graduates in these unusual times,” adds Collins.

Another option is for company representatives to participate in 15-30 minute live stream Q&As on Instagram. This facilitates students asking questions during the stream.

“Due to the Covid-19 we are looking at different ways of engaging with employers and we feel collaboration now is more important than ever. As an employer you can play a key role in shaping our understanding of where we are now recruitment wise and what the WIT Careers Centre must do to position itself and our students for the recovery,” she says.

Find out more

Employers who would like to participate can email: [email protected].

Follow @WIT_careers_centre on Instagram.

The four key questions:

  • Who you are and what you do?
  • From what disciplines are you looking to recruit from?
  • How do students /graduates apply?  CV? Application form? Telephone interview?
  • If I could give an applicant one piece of advice what would it be? Or what advice would you give an applicant when applying for jobs?

The WIT Careers Centre is also open to add questions that employers want to answer.

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