Four things to know before arriving to WIT on your StartWIT Orientation day

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Have you accepted your place at WIT? Here are four things all new first years need to know before arriving at WIT for their StartWIT orientation

StartWIT orientation is the very first day of college for new first years at WIT. It is really important for students to attend the orientation specific to their course in order to find out crucial details about the course, meet lecturers, find out where to go for the first day of lectures (on Monday 9 September) and to collect their WIT student card.

Below are four things to know before arriving at WIT on the StartWIT orientation day for your course

  1. Know where and when to go

Be conscious to note what campus your orientation is on.

Go to our Orientation section find out what day/s your orientation is on, what time it starts at and where.

Take a screenshot of the venue details so you can ask on the day where exactly you are to go. You can also use Google Maps on that page to get you there.

  1. Take note of how long your orientation day will be

Go to our Orientation section to find out how long your orientation will be as it is important you stay for the full length.

Some courses will take three hours approx. and other ones can be longer.

  1. Just ask – we are happy to help

Jusk ask any of the staff or student ambassadors who will be around the college that day in case you are lost or need help with anything. The student ambassadors will be wearing lime green t-shirts and will be happy to help with any queries you may have.

  1. Explore your new home for the next few years

If your orientation day finishes up earlier than expected, there will be canteens open around campus and information stands for you to find out more about student life at WIT. You can also pick up a student map and explore the campus for yourself before starting class on Monday.

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