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We have compiled a list of common queries from our Ask WIT events over the last few years to guide you through your going to college decisions.

Common Ask WIT queries 

Will I get an offer of a Level 8 and a Level 6/7?

If you have applied for courses on both the level 8 and the level 6/7 lists then you will be offered your highest preference course for each listing that you meet the minimum points and entry requirements for.

If I accept a Level 6/7 can I go on to do a Level 8 in the future?

Students who choose to study a level 6/7 course will have progression options e.g. add-on courses or a course transfer route available to them so they can continue to level 8.

How many people will be in my class?

The number of students in each class varies each year. At WIT we pride ourselves on small-class sizes where students are most comfortable.

Will the points remain the same? What are the points going to be?

The points naturally fluctuate from year to year because of the volume of applications, and because the number of places may differ. 

What does ‘points range’ mean?

Don't worry if you see a points range of e.g. 275-465. What this means is in the previous year the people who applied and met minimum requirements with 275 points were offered a place. 475 points was the highest points achieved by a student who started on this course in the last year. It really demonstrates the range of people on any course.

If I get offered my first choice will I get offered my second choice at a later date?

The CAO will assume you put your preferred course at number 1. So, make sure you always put your courses in order of preference, because you will not be offered anything below that.

As a first year how many hours a week will I have?

It varies from course to course. A good guideline is 20-30 contacts hours a week which includes lectures, lab work and tutorials.

If I want to live in student accommodation can I live with my friends?

You can request to live with your friends when you make your application for accommodation. For more information on accommodation at WIT visit www.wit.ie/accommodation

When will I know if I’ve been accepted to WIT?

If you are waiting for the CAO Round 1 offers, you will find out in mid-August. Check the CAO website for details.

What campus will I be based on?

All our campuses are in Waterford city. We operate a free shuttle bus between each campus so it’s easy for you to get around. However you can find the location of where the course takes place on the course page on our website. Shuttle buses also run between WIT and Kildalton, and also between our campuses and the WIT Arena.

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