Important clarification to students about repeat exams

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Students have the option to attend or to not attend repeat exams on-campus. Students who do not attend should fill out the relevant mitigation form.

Students have the option to attend or to not attend repeat exams on-campus. Students who do not attend should fill out the relevant mitigation form.

Here we explain as simply as possible the options open to all students with a scheduled on-campus exam (Semester 1 2019/2020 repeat exams)

We have listened to your concerns and have taken steps to give you two simple options to attend or to not attend. This was included in an email sent on 12 August to students but seems to have caused confusion for some of you.

Information for students who have concerns about attending on-campus repeat exams

Following student feedback we understand some students are uncomfortable about sitting on-campus exams and others simply cannot for Covid-19 reasons.

We would like to assure students that if you do not attend a repeat on-campus exam this August you will not be unfairly disadvantaged. We understand you are keen to progress your studies and graduate with a quality assured award in a timely manner.

The institute will apply what we call ‘additional mitigation’ and all we ask is that you apply for this mitigation via the relevant form on the Mitigating Circumstances page of the website. Please have patience on the how, what and when of this as it can only be decided by the Institute’s Academic Council at its first meeting in September. Remember, we have a later start time to teaching next semester so there is additional time in September before lectures start.

Information for students who plan to attend

Many students will still decide to avail of the opportunity to repeat their exam in the format that mirrors the original semester 1 exam if their circumstances permit.

We would like to reassure students who plan to attend the scheduled repeat exams on campus that exams will take place in an environment compliant with national health and safety guidelines and all national health protocols will be followed.

To achieve this we have taken a number of steps including:

  • National guidelines on respiratory and hand hygiene are being reinforced
  • Four exam centres across two campuses
  • Each exam centre is limited to a 35-42 students
  • Each exam centre will have 2 metre social distancing between candidates
  • Exams are taking an extra week to enable us to have small numbers in each exam centre
  • Email sent to students on the overarching principles for the safe conduct of examinations
  • Prior to exams further instructions may be issued in line with public health guidelines.


Students who are not to attend

We would like to emphasise that students are not to travel to WIT from counties such as Kildare, Laois and Offaly where restrictions are in place, or any other areas where restrictions are introduced.

Students should not attend on campus if they have any symptoms of coronavirus and they should engage with their GP in such cases in line with national guidelines.

Students who have been advised to cocoon or self isolate should heed medical advice first and foremost.

The link to the Mitigating Circumstances form is here. Please fill it out if you are not attending an exam.

Rationale for on-campus exams

When we were setting the exams to mirror how they originally took place, it was with students’ best interests in mind and no online or alternative assessment version was set for Semester 1 exams.

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