Podcast: Colette Colfer talks to American social psychologist and best selling author Jonathan Haidt

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Spokes podcast

Spokes podcast

American social psychologist and best selling author, Jonathan Haidt, talks about the Heterodox Academy, the importance of viewpoint diversity, openness, humility, group think, and more

Spokes podcast is presented by Colette Colfer who is a lecturer at WIT. She mainly teaches on the Arts and Psychology programmes and her key subject areas are world religions, ethics and critical thinking.

Spokes podcast is a new venture for her and links in with her past as a journalist and radio producer. It is made in Ireland and produced by Colette with her husband Terry Hackett. Spokes features thought-provoking conversations with interesting people from diverse backgrounds. So far it has had interviews with Cork poet Thomas McCarthy, Philadelphian based Jungian analyst Lisa Marchiano, documentary maker Benjamin Boyce who covered the 2017 student protests at Evergreen State College in Washington State, the Irish poet Kevin Higgins, and the latest epidode featuring Jonathan Haidt.

Visit the Spokes Acast site to listen to all Colette's interviews. All of the Spokes podcasts are available on Apple podcasts, Spotify, and all the usual podcast platforms. 

Podcast with Jonathan Haidt

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