WIT Olympic Weightlifting Club had a strong performance at the inter-varsity competition in WIT

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Although UCD traveled home as winners, it is clear that the hard work is paying off for WIT Olympic Weightlifting Club and there is a lot more to come

WIT Vikings Sport and the WIT Olympic Weightlifting Club were delighted to host the Olympic Weightlifting Inter-varsities on Saturday, 22 February in the Cork Road campus Sports Hall.

The day saw a total of 50 athletes competing from 11 different universities, competing in four groups (two male and two female) throughout the course of each day. Each group contained between 10-15 athletes performing clean/jerk and snatch.

WIT had a great performance at the competition but it was DCU who were crowned best team on the day.

Good outing from WIT

This year the WIT Olympic Weightlifting Club really made a big effort pushing to club forward to make it bigger and better than ever. This effort really shone through at the inter-varsity competition.

WIT had nine athletes competing and managed to bag seven medals throughout the weekend. Four golds, one sliver and two bronze none of which would have been possible without the help and support from the athletes themselves and the coaches.

With the backing from the clubs and societies office at WIT this is only the beginning of what the Olympic Weightlifting Club plans to achieve over the next couple of years.

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