WIT Registrar congratulates Leaving Cert students on calculated grades

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WIT Registrar congratulates Leaving Cert students on calculated grades

WIT Registrar congratulates Leaving Cert students on calculated grades

WIT Registrar says that more detail on blended delivery to be issued following CAO offers to prospective students, and additional places and available places will help people access higher education

Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) Registrar and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr Derek O’Byrne, has extended congratulations to school leavers on their Leaving Cert calculated grades.

“Congratulations to Leaving Cert students of 2020 who receive their calculated grades this week. The Leaving Certificate results, however calculated, are a gateway to the next stage of life choices rather than an end in themselves.”

Calculated grades offer opportunity

He commended the approach taken by the Department of Education and Skills, given the hugely difficult circumstances facing this year’s school leavers.

“Calculated grades is the best opportunity to ensure fairness at every stage of the process, allowing students graduate from school and progress their life goals. It will allow tens of thousands of people to progress into higher education and create their own journey of self discovery.”

Dr O’Byrne says that students awaiting a CAO offer for a WIT undergraduate course will be eager to find out which course they will be studying and what their college year will look like. He moved to assure students that efforts are being made to ensure they have as much information as possible before accepting their offer.

Blended delivery communication

“We are moving to a blended delivery model for 2020/21 which means that there will be a mix of online and on-campus learning. The mix is dependent on the programme of study but as a guideline activities like labs and studios will be on campus, and lectures and tutorials will be delivered online. We will be in contact directly with CAO applicants who receive an offer from the institute on Friday 11 September to share as much detail as is available including a good indication of students’ online/on-campus requirements.”

Additional places

He added that WIT will do what it can to help students access their choice in education.

“At WIT we recognise the need to offer as many places as possible across all our programmes and supported by the Department’s additional places we will maximise our offers to supporting all applicants getting access to a higher education place. Over the coming week there will be much speculation about calculated grades, the points race, and college places. We appreciate the uncertainty caused by these unprecedented times and for that reason predicting the outcomes of CAO points is neither easy nor productive,” he said.

Dr O’Byrne recommends that applicants with queries avail of the ‘Ask WIT’ supports which include online web chat and the CAO Offers Helpline service from Monday, 7 September to Friday, 18 September (excluding Saturday and Sunday, 12 and 13 September 2020) to coincide with round one CAO offers being made.

Second chance maths

One of the key factors to a CAO offer is meeting minimum entry requirements. WIT’s Maths Entry Exam is a ‘second chance’ for school leavers who have not achieved the required maths grade in the Leaving Certificate for their chosen course in WIT.

The applicant must have applied to WIT through the CAO application process for 2020 entry and have achieved the required points for entry into their chosen programme of study and met all other criteria set for the programme (except maths requirement). Application details are available at www.wit.ie/mathsentryexam.

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