WIT50: Celebrating fifty years of inspiration in 2020

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This year WIT is proud to celebrate 50 years of inspiration, imagination and innovation

This is a year to reflect on and celebrate all our achievements since 1970, in particular the leadership role the institute provides in the social, cultural and economic development of the region.

The institute has provided leadership not just to the region but to our sector in the development of teaching, research, outreach and access services ensuring that every citizen in the South East has opportunities to meet their full academic potential either through the full-time or part-time programme offerings.

The strength of our collaboration with local stakeholders in staff development, research and innovation has been a cornerstone of our development and the achievement of extending the original technological scope of the RTC’s to incorporate schools in Humanities, Business and Health Sciences reflects our engagement and commitment to our community.

Our 50th anniversary celebration is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate all our extraordinary feats but above all it’s an opportunity to recognise the wonderful people who have worked for the institute over the last 50 years and whose vision and energy drove the institute forward.

While we celebrate and learn from the past, it’s also important that we look to the future and set our ambitions to match and surpass those of the last 50 years.

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