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Reproduction of ‘Enter’ by Marilyn Robinson

Reproduction of ‘Enter’ by Marilyn Robinson

Molecular Nutrition & Food Research will publish a special issue titled ‘Nutrition for the Eye and Brain’ guest-edited by WIT's Prof John Nolan

Research papers presented at an international conference chaired by Professor John Nolan, director of Nutrition Research Centre Ireland (NRCI) at Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT), have been published in a special issue of Molecular Nutrition & Food Research guest-edited by Prof. Nolan. 

Christine Mayer, editor-in-chief of this prestigious journal, stated, “Molecular Nutrition & Food Research is excited to publish this special issue titled ‘Nutrition for the Eye and Brain’.

High profile contributors selected

“The individual contributions have been selected by the enthusiastic guest editor, Prof. John Nolan, from the high-profile list of speakers who attended the BON (Brain and Ocular Nutrition) conference at Downing College in Cambridge late last year. Together, we feel that this issue will help to bring these exciting topics into the wider communityof food and nutrition scientists and to inspire collaborations and spark new approaches in nutrition-driven eye and brain research.” 

For his part, Prof. Nolan said, “It’s a huge honour for me to chair this conference, which takes place in Cambridge every three years in association with the Howard Foundation, UK. 

“The BON conference brings together all the leading scientific researchers focused on carotenoid nutrition for the eye and brain. This creates a unique network of key opinion leaders in our field. Having the research publication is part of the conference legacy and now means that some of the peer-reviewed work from around the world can be shared more widely so that we maximize the value and impact.”

The next BON conference will be held in July 2021.

Specific advice

In the issue’s editorial, which he dedicated to Dr. Alan Howard of the Howard Foundation, Prof. Nolan wrote: “When we speak about nutrition for the eye and brain, the default will be to provide advice and recommendations in support of good nutrition, healthy eating, a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle, and so on. While all of the above is the standard for good advice, science now suggests that we can be more specific. For example, we can now measure the macro- and micronutrients that have been identified in the eye and brain. 

“Science is not about providing all the answers; rather, it is about how we examine the answers and test, build, validate, or maybe disprove them.”

The front cover of the special issue features a digital recreation of artwork titled “Enter,” which has a special backstory: this work was created by artist Marilyn Robinson, who had previously heard Prof. Nolan deliver a guest lecture in Colorado, USA.

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