Tech transfer leading to prestigious interoperability leadership award


TSSG research partner ESB Networks recently received a prestigious award from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) for work arising from their collaborative efforts with the research centre

Over the past year the TSSG having been collaborating with the Smart Networks team of ESB, on part of a standardised approach to data modelling and data architecture for the energy utility. This is research to find the best way for data management to help maximise renewable energy integration and electrification within the utilitys’ overall system infrastructure.

It has been a great pleasure to find that ESB Networks have been recently presented a prestigious EPRI PDU Technology Transfer Award for Leadership in Integration. EPRI have noted that ESB Networks are THE leaders in perusal of a standardised approach to organisational architecture and data models, and are a utility paving the way for defining the future of data management within utilities.

No Reproduction fee ESB Networks Award. Photo: John Sheehan

Left to right: Paul Hayes, Smart Networks, Systems & Sustainability, ESB Networks; Miguel Ponce de Leon, Chief Architect, TSSG; Jonathan Sandham, Smart Networks Manager, ESB Networks .

The ESB Smart Networks team have been gracious to acknowledge the TSSG’s part in this work, noting the huge effort from the whole team but in particular, David, Micheal and Miguel. Watch this space there’s more to come in the year.


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