WIT welcomes Dr Maura Hiney for second seminar in the Research Supervision Masterclass series

Dr Maura Hiney delivered a guest lecture on the many aspects of Research Integrity

Dr Maura Hiney delivered a guest lecture on the many aspects of Research Integrity

On 12 April, Dr Maura Hiney (Head of Post-Award and Evaluation at the Health Research Board) delivered a masterclass on “Research Integrity: What it means and why is it so important?”

As part of WIT’s ongoing work to provide researchers with the expertise and skills that will help them to further their careers, in line with the HR Strategy for Researchers, this second seminar in the series explored the topic of Responsible Research and issues relating to Research Integrity.

The event was attended by members from right across the research community at WIT, from early stage career researchers to seasoned academics. Amongst the topics discussed by Dr Hiney, were those of research misconduct, publication issues, conflicts of interest, and the responsibilities of both the supervisors and the researchers themselves.

Dr Hiney provided some excellent case studies that highlighted the problems associated with falsification of research data, the subsequent issues with such data finding its way into the publication arena, and the continued effect of citations and influenced research long after a disputed publication has been withdrawn after formal review. Amongst the examples given were some shocking past cases when the health of medical patients was severely compromised by researchers trying to obtain supporting data for their work.

Following the lecture, Dr Hiney took questions from the audience, imparting her knowledge to help guide others in their supervisory roles with the Institute. Occasions such as this are important networking events and skills-building workshops for researchers across all areas that help to ensure continued professional development by facilitating access to leading experts.

Dr Hiney was the lead author of the revised European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (RI). She was Chair of the SE Working Group on RI (2013-17). In 2015 she acted as advisor to the Luxembourg Presidency of the EU, culminating in adoption of Ministerial Competitive Council Conclusions on RI in November 2015 which strongly influenced European Commission activity in the area of Research Integrity. She is currently a member of the ALLEA Permanent Working Group on Science and Ethics, and a member of the Advisory Boards of the EU RI-related programmes PRINTEGER, VIiRTUE and Entire. Nationally, she is a member of the National Forum on RI and was one of the key authors of the Irish National Policy on RI. https://ie.linkedin.com/in/maurahiney

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