WIT graduate Martin returned to do a Masters with support of employer

Martin's employer MSD put him through his Masters in Analytical Science

Martin's employer MSD put him through his Masters in Analytical Science

Martin Delahunty explains how his undergraduate study work placement at WIT led to his current employer through which he returned to complete a masters

Are you currently working? 
I’m currently working in MSD in Ballydine as an instrumentation specialist, which in a nutshell means I install new equipment into labs, maintain that equipment and handle any breakdowns and repairs needed on the systems. I also did my undergraduate in WIT and I did my placement during that course at MSD, then after my final year of my undergrad I got a full-time job in MSD and they are currently putting me through my masters. 

Why did you choose to return to WIT for your masters?  
Well I thought the masters was a good varied course and gives you a perfect understanding of a vary of different modules. I think that through the work involved in the course you can easily develop your skills and apply them to the workplace. I also thought the masters was very career focused as well so that was a great aspect. 

What advice would you give someone considering a masters in WIT? 
Well first of all its definitely hard and you have to commit to hard work. It is an incredible course and has so much to offer which would really enhance your work skills and knowledge in the area. If you are working full-time like me I think you have to just take the leap and always be aware of the benefits in the end. It's completely worthwhile.

Interviewed by Kayleigh-Ann Myles at Conferring 2018

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