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Student stories: Leeson Neale

Student stories: Leeson Neale

Working on a tillage and sheep farm from a young age grew an interest in the agricultural sector and helped Leeson to pick the correct course for her

I am 21 years old and I come from a Tillage and Sheep farm in North Kilkenny. I’ve worked alongside my Dad on this farm from an early age and that’s where I got the interest in the Agricultural sector.

What attracted you to study at Waterford Institute of Technology?

I decided to study in WIT because of its location and as this course was available which was highlighted by my career guidance teacher in school as one which would interest me.

Did you always know this was the course you wanted to do?

Yes, I would have done interest assessments in school on the computer and this course kept coming up as a match to what I was interested in so I knew it was for me.

What words of advice do you have for new students?

It’s easier said than done but keep tipping away at assignments and they will never become overwhelming.

What have been the highlights of your college experience?

Placement in second year was the highlight for me as we had the opportunity to work in New Zealand for the second semester in 2nd year, this was an experience I will never forget and it’s worth doing the course for that alone.

What did you like about Waterford as a city to live in/to study in?

I decided to commute in first year which for me I think was the right decision as I got to settle into the college environment without having to live in Waterford as well, as I got to know the lads in my course we began to share lifts and it worked out well, I stayed in Waterford in second and third year and now again in fourth year as I feel it’s good to have a base down here somewhere to go other than the car when waiting on lectures.

Did you participate in any of the following?

Work placement

How did this add to your college experience?

As I come from a sheep and tillage farm the placement on a 1400 cow dairy farm in New Zealand allowed me to understand and put into practice what I had learnt about dairying in the course making it more relevant, I think students should do a placement on an enterprise which they are not familiar with as it allows you the learn more than a placement on an enterprise you know inside out

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