Jim used level 7 as stepping stone to level 8 degree in Food Science

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Conferring stories: Jim Murphy

Conferring stories: Jim Murphy

A farming background led to Jim choosing to study food science, which he says is a good sector to work in with good employability prospects

Jim Murphy graduated from WIT in 2019 with a BSc in Food Science with Business. His passion for farming came from his background in it, one of the main reasons he chose this course. He had heard from relative who had previously studied that it was a great course, which further fuelled his interest in it.

Student life

For Jim, he had mentioned that the most enjoyable aspect of his course was doing the lab work and seeing how everything operates and to get an understanding of it all. This is just a small aspect of the course that you might also enjoy.

Further studies

Many people like furthering their knowledge by doing another degree. This is just what Jim is going to do. He is doing an extra year in this course to get it from a level 7 to a level 8.  Many people take this approach also, it is achievable by everyone and it is such a great advantage to have. Especially if you are interested in this sector of work.”

“The food sector in Ireland is a really good and an employable sector to get into. It is a great platform to get a job from it. It really gives an overview of the whole industry,” Jim stated.

Student accommodation

Jim, like many students, chose to live in student accommodation. There are a variety of accommodations available, near both of the campuses. “It is definitely a worthwhile doing. People would benefit from it. In the last year I was commuting to college from Kilkenny and it was just too full on, it is so much easier when you live near the college,” he said.

Interviewed at Conferring 2019 by Nyomi Curry

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