Keith’s work placement with ACI Worldwide led him to full-time role 

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Co Tipperary student Keith chose BSc in Software Systems Development because it was known to be a good computer course and was local to him 

Keith Maher is a BSc Software Systems Development graduate from Clonmel, Co Tipperary and past pupil of Nenagh CBS. 

So how did you find the modules in the course, were they suited to any previous experience you had or that you researched? 

The modules were very good and even for someone that might come in with no computer background. The modules would get you up to speed very quick and they are also very tailored for the course as well, so they are good modules. 

Are you continuing to do the one-year add on course? 

No. I did my placement with ACI Worldwide in Limerick. They do banking software for all the banks in the US and the UK and they offered me a job after my third year, so I took it and I am working up there now. 

How was the work placement did you enjoy it?  

Good, very eye opening in the industry. You can be very book smart but going into the workplace, it’s a different story all together, so it does get you ready to come back to college, finishing college and going back out to work. 

Interviewed by Ciaran Whitty at the 2019 Conferring ceremony. 

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