Modesta got a BSc in Forestry and is now working mapping forests

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Conferring stories: Modesta Dilinskaite

Conferring stories: Modesta Dilinskaite

Modesta completed her work placement in Lithuania and decided she wanted to work there, so is now mapping forests there for GIS Geographical Information Systems

Modesta Dilinskaite graduated in 2019 with a BSc in Forestry from Waterford Institute of Technology. This interview took place on the day of her conferring ceremony

Did you enjoy your course in WIT? 

I loved that the course was very practical. I liked that everything was really close by, if you are living in student accommodation it’s just across the road.  The nightlife is good, there are plenty of resources for students. 

What advice would give students considering forestry? 

I would advise students to really research what forestry is because a lot of people don’t really know what it is, they get into it and think it’s just looking at trees, it’s not like that, it’s very scientific.

Was work placement beneficial? 

Yes work placement helped me decide that I wanted to go back to Lithuania which is where I went on work placement.  I guess it inspired me to go back to Lithuania to try and see how forestry works over there.  

What are you doing now? 

Since finishing my course, BSc in Forestry, I applied for jobs and I got a job in GIS Geographical Information systems so I’m mapping forests currently I’m based in Lithuania. 

Interviewed at Conferring 2019 by Killian Fitzgerald

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