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Conferring stories: Jack and Emmanuel

Conferring stories: Jack and Emmanuel

Jack and Emmanuel used the resources available to them at Waterford Institute of Technology to help them through their degree in Multimedia

Jack from Wexford and Emmanuel from Tramore, Co Waterford are recent graduates from the Multimedia course at WIT

Q. How many people were in your year for multimedia?

A. A lot, when I started there was about 44 altogether. You wouldn’t have to be great at maths to do this and the maths in college is a lot easier as it is more straight forward and there are more resources to help you along.

Q. You mentioned resources, did you use the maths and computing resource centre?

A. Yeah we did definitely, they are open most days and are always there to help you if you’re stuck. Even if you’re a bit shy and don’t go up to them they will come down to you and ask questions to see what you’re struggling with and they’ll be able to help. They’re really good, they don’t do the work for you either they just guide you in the right direction.

Q. How was the work placement on the course?

A. J- I got to go on work placement in Wexford, a place called Scuri who do an API for couriers and make it faster for companies to order shipments which I found really fun.
E- I didn’t do work placement, the other option is to do a certificate, it’s the oracle java certificate that you do and there is a lot of questions over two hours and once you have this it really helps with the course. The course has a lot of programming in it and it helps towards this.

Q. Why multimedia?

A. The creative side of things, in terms of using what’s out there already and trying to develop something new and out your side of things into an app, just to show your side of creativeness
E. I originally wanted to do electronical engineering, and then I wanted to do entertainment systems but that was very game specific and then I saw multimedia and thought this was a nice broad course, it was something of everything and can go to any area that you want and its loads of fun.

Q. Why Waterford?

A. With how local it is and also how friendly everyone is, everyone is close with everyone, in our course we are all close with each other and we all help each other. One of the good things about Waterford is that it is big but not too big, it doesn’t scare you and you can know it all, you’ll always bump into someone you know, and with the course you’ll get to meet so many other people who will probably know other people you know. It brings a lot of people around the south east closer together.

Q.  Did you go to the open day?

A. J- Yeah I went to the open day and it was a lot of robotics and cool stuff and it actually lures you in and you want to be a part of that.
E- Yeah I did too, and I helped out with the open day while in the college to show people what we do and give them more information exactly what we do in the course. We were able to share our own experiences.

Q. What advice would you give to someone doing your course?

A. Definitely have a look into it, there is a lot of areas you can go into, if you want to be a software or app developer this course is for you. You are not going to be stuck, there is not only one path you can go down, you can choose any path you want, the choice is yours
E- I would definitely saw go to the open day and talk to the students that are there and talk to any lecturers you can. When you get into the course stick with it, stay on top of your classes, everyone is so friendly and it’s so easy to get help.

Q. How do you feel about graduating today?

A. Great, obviously happy, the weather is great so can’t complain at all.

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