Practical course in agriculture will help Martin pursue his career

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Conferring stories: Martin Beausang

Conferring stories: Martin Beausang

After completing the level 7, Martin decided to continue on and study the level 8 degree as he believes it will help him pursue a career in agriculture

Martin Beausang from Youghal, Co Cork is a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Level 7) and is currently studying the level 8 course

What are you doing now?

I have gone into the level 8, so following on my studies and looking to pursue a career in agriculture.

Why Waterford Institute of Technology

I looked at all the other colleges and went around to all the open days and I felt that Waterford suited me. I wanted to stay in Waterford and it’s a nice city to study in, you make new friends and meet new people, Waterford really suited me.

Why did you choose agriculture?

Oh I am a farmer at home and we can’t get away from anything else, we have to stick with what we know.

What’s the dream?

I eventually hope to run my own farm but for maybe the first 10 years I might go away and pursue advisory or sales to get more experience before I do go home farming, don’t want to tie myself down straight away.

Where are you living now?

I am still living in Waterford, it’s easier than travelling up and down and you get to meet more new people and while your year you may as well get the most out of college life.

What school did you go to?

I went to Pobalscoil na Trionoide in Youghal, it was grand in fairness.

What stands out for you about your experience in Waterford?

The course suited me very well as it was very practical and being from a farming background I was well used to that, and I think that’s nearly better going into workplace that you do have that experience before going in and your used to doing this stuff in WIT before you go into the workplace. I was on a dairy farm in Cork for my placement and it was really interesting because we could put the stuff that we did learn here in practice and I could learn extra. It’s like everything its good in the book but you need to learn what it’s like practical.

What piece of advice would you give to someone thinking of coming to Waterford?

Ask current students and come to open days, I knew people that had done this course and I asked them questions and that’s really what made me decide that this was the course for me. It still is okay if it doesn’t suite you but at least if you know everything before you come in you will have a better idea if this will suite you.

Interviewed at Conferring 2019 by Áine Byrne

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