Horticulture Graduate Cian Hawes winner of RTE’s super garden

Cian Hawes, BSc in Horticulture (WD096) / (WD097)

Cian Hawes, BSc in Horticulture (WD096) / (WD097)

Cian Hawes, BSc in Horticulture graduate, won RTE's Supergarden and competed at Bloom in the Park following his degree at WIT

"I am honoured and proud to have been able to display my design and compete at Bloom 2014 and to receive a silver medal against the best designers in the country.

To get to Bloom, I first had to win RTE's Supergarden.

This would never have been possible were it not for the expertise and experience I received during my four years at WIT.

My time there helped me to develop the discipline to work on my design every day and gave me the confidence to really push the boundaries and challenge myself like never before.

I particularly enjoyed the first two years where my knowledge of plants, design and landscapes were developed.

The course has given me an excellent foundation to begin a long and successful career in an area that I love to work."

Study the Bachelor of Science Horticulture at WIT

The BSc in Horticulture is a a 3 year, level-7 degree offered at WIT which is designed to train professional horticulturists.

The course is run in conjunction with Teagasc. Students can choose to study in Waterford at WIT and Teagasc, Kildalton College OR they can study in Dublin at the Teagasc College in the National Botanic Gardens. 

In year 2, one semester is spent on placement either in Ireland or abroad. 

Student who enrol in this course can expect to study modules such as; Plant Identification & Specification, Plant Biology and Communication Skills.

Course Code: 
Kildalton College: WD096
National Botanic Gardens: WD097

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