The effort pays off is Joe’s advice to masters students working full time


"Quite a few people in my work place had gone to WIT to complete their masters and found that it was the course best correlated to application of education in the workplace."

Joe Williams says that completing a masters means his on-the-job techniques has been advanced and has improved his status as a chemist at MSD

Are you currently working? 
I’m currently working as an Analytical Chemist for MSD in Ballydine which is outside Clonmel. I work on the analytical methods for new drugs that are being developed, making them ready for the quality lab.  

Has what you’ve learned in your masters enhanced your work skills in MSD? 
Yes of course, a lot of the subjects I studied and a lot of the topics that were covered by the course co-ordinators were very relevant to what I do. The degree I completed was years ago so after completing the masters, a lot of my techniques and instrumentation knowledge has been updated and advanced.  

Why did you choose WIT?  
Quite a few people in my work place have gone to WIT to complete their masters and all have found that it was the college that was best suited for education relevant to the workplace. Doing a masters is also important for the role I am currently in as it improved my abilities as a chemist. All these reasons combined with WIT’s high standards helped make my mind up.  

What stands out for you about your experience at WIT?  
I suppose the relevance of the topics covered in the course and the helpfulness of the lecturers as well was just incredible. Overall, I had a great experience and I just felt it really enhanced my skills in the workplace which was the outcome I was hoping for. There was a lot of course work over the past two years and it was tough at times both studying and working but it was completely worth it and the effort does pay off.

Interviewed by Kayleigh-Ann Myles at Conferring 2018

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