William explains how progressing on from level 7 to 8 helped his career

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Conferring stories: William Wall

Conferring stories: William Wall

Speaking to the course leader at one of the Waterford Institute of Technology open days sold the Software Systems Development degree to William

William Wall from Carrick-on-Suir, Co Waterford is a graduate of the BSc (Hons) in Software Systems Development, having previously completed the level 7 BSc in Software Systems Development.

How has this year been for you?

It has been good, I started my job in June and it has been going good. I am an Android/iOS app developer for Dairymaster and I am happy doing that.

What does that role entail?

I work on at IOT [internet of things] device, it is called moon monitor, it is a health and management monitor for cows, so we take data from the cow and analyse it and present the findings through the app. I am currently living in Castleisland in Kerry doing this.  

How has the level 8 helped you on from the level 7?

A lot, most of the stuff we did in the level 8 is the stuff that I am now doing in work, so without the level 8 I would have been slightly behind I think.

Where did you complete work placement on the level 7 course?

I did TQS Integration in Lismore for a data intelligence company, that was very good, it is a lot different from what I am doing now, different disciplines in different areas but it was very good.

You said you were a mature student, what age were you when you came to college?

I was 24, so not too mature just about over the line.

What made you come back to college?

I was a self-employed interior decorator but I wanted something else and I was always into computers so I saw it and just went for it, I’m delighted that I did it.

What was it like applying as a mature student?

I didn’t really know what to expect but it was perfect and easy to do.

Why Waterford?

It is near to me and I heard that the computer courses were very good – which they are.

Did you go to an open day?

I did and I actually spoke to my course leader Amanda, she was telling me a bit about the course and she sold it to me and here I am.

What advice would you give to mature students?

Don’t think about it just do it, make sure it’s something you like and just do it, it is definitely worth it.  

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