WIT Vikings Sport Scholarship Athlete Profile: Ger Millerick

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Sport scholarship: Ger Millerick

Sport scholarship: Ger Millerick

Sport Scholarship athlete Ger Millerick who is part of Fr O’Neills talks sport and how he balances sport and his studies at WIT

Every academic year, WIT provides up to 60 Sports Scholarship Awards distributed between three awarding categories which reflect the sporting level a student is competing at within their sporting discipline: Elite, Sport Scholarship & Emerging Talent. Apply at http://www.wit.ie/vikingsportscholarship

Name: Ger Millerick

Sport: Hurling

Club: Fr O’Neills

County: Cork

Course: BCS in Ag Science

1. Highest Achievements to date?

Munster minor & u21, 3x senior counties with imokilly, club intermediate county and

Munster, All Ireland intermediate, u21 club premier 1 county.

2. What is your favourite memory from your sporting career so far?

Winning the u21 premier 1 county with my club Fr O’Neills

3. What is your personal aim this year?

I’m currently injured so the goal is to get back to playing at the highest level of hurling with my club, college and county.

4. Who was your sporting idol growing up?

I always looked up to Brian Corcoran due to his skill and how he was able to play any position on the pitch. He attended the same secondary school as I did and he has been a role model for many people to look up to in the school.

5. How do you prepare for each event?

I try to prepare for an event by training hard for the weeks coming up to a match. I find if I know I have trained hard for a match and put the work in nerves don’t become much of a problem.

6. What advice would you give to Athletes wanting to improve?

Keep pushing yourself in training and try to have a lifestyle that will enable you to improve such as diet and sleep.

7. What do you do to relax/unwind?

I enjoy watching Netflix and playing Fifa in my free time as well as going watching GAA matches.

8. How do you balance work/college/training?

I am lucky to have lecturers and hurling managers that understand the workload on athletes in college and they help me work around lectures and training so I can juggle both.

9. What was the best advise you were ever given?

If you are enjoying it you will play better.

10. Do you get nervous before big races/competitions and if so how do you deal with it?

Again, I find once i know i have trained hard and put in the work that you can only control the controllables and i try and not get too worked up.


About the Sports Scholarship Programme at WIT

Offers an athlete-led development programme aimed at supporting the overall development of high performance athletes in a wide range of sports. The programme gives talented athletes the opportunity to develop their sporting and academic career by offering a network of support services and expertise which is tailored around the specific needs of each individual athlete.

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