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Find out a bit more about Phil Healy as she gives us an insight into what it takes to compete at the highest level and become Ireland's fastest women

Phil Healy kicked off her 2020 season with an opening run of 23.28 in the 200m in a National League meeting in Athlone before following it up with a 53.13 in the 400m. The 200m time of 23.28 is the 5th fastest in the world in 2020 which is a remarkable start to an Olympic year for the WIT scholar.

Find out a bit more about Phil Healy who has resumed excellent form after recovering from her broken foot last year. We caught up with Phil afterwards and she gave us an insight in to what it takes to become Ireland's fastest woman.

Elite Scholarship Athlete

Name: Phil Healy

Sport: Athletics

Club: Bandon AC

County: Cork

Course: MSc Enterprise Computer Software

Highest Achievements to date?

100m and 200m national record holder.

11th at European Seniors over 200m outdoor.

11th at World indoors over 400m.

6th at World university games.

Currently lying in Olympic qualification spot.

What is your favourite memory from your sporting career so far?

Breaking the 200m national record in Cork, and progressing through the years.

What is your personal aim this year?

Secure Olympic Qualification for Tokyo.

Improve on all performances.

The chance to continue the form I held prior to breaking my foot last summer.

Who was your sporting idol growing up?

Ailis McSweeney - Previous 100m record holder. From Cork also

How do you prepare for each event?

Prior to a race I make sure everything I need for the following day is laid out the night before. So I won’t have forgotten anything or that I won’t be under extra time pressure the day of the race if I have to look for things.

Training wise it’s about giving all to each session, even if you don’t feel great for each one. Give what you have. It’s about the consistency of adding the days back to back, which builds to weeks and then months. Prior to a race it’s all about switching off and relaxing. The hard work is done.

What advice would you give to Athletes wanting to improve?

It’s all about having fun. You have to enjoy it and want to do it. So put the effort into it, and drive! As much as you can so you get the benefits. You don’t have to be the fastest or the strongest. If you are better than you used be, then that’s improvement. It’s not all about winning. If you know you’ve given it your all, you can walk off the track happy.

What do you do to relax/unwind?

Watching Netflix/TV, listening to music

How do you balance work/college/training?

Having both college and training keeps me disciplined and organised. I know I have training at a certain time and the length. Therefore I need to make sure I’ve as much work done prior to leaving. It’s all about organisation. Having college allows me to switch off from sport and vice versa.

What was the best advise you were ever given?

Don’t look back with regrets. Do something while you can or are able to do it.

Do you get nervous before big races/competitions and if so how do you deal with it?

Yes, nerves are normal. If I didn’t I would think something is up. It’s how you manage it is the key. You have to think it’s just another race. You have your lane, and you are racing 6-8 people the same as every other time. You have your plan to execute. If you worry about everyone else, you’re letting them have an advantage. Focus on you, and give it your all. Listening to music can help you switch off/distract from nerves while preparing for a race.

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